Leaders in Research and Management Training


 Global Research and Management Training Institute (GRMTI) Team

  • Our team comprises of professional staff members who have a sound academic background as well as vast experience in corporate training. Thus we have a pool of resource persons with enormous practical experience drawn locally, regionally and internationally. Our team has vast “hands on” experience in their fields and use a variety of participatory techniques to tackle the course contents.
  • GRMTI realizes that no matter how well managed it is, it cannot achieve its goals without seeking and establishing working relations with other institutions.

 Training Centre and Facilities

  • GRMTI offers modern training facilities with a favorable learning environment. Our operations have been fairly lucrative and it is our plan to increase our resources and related paraphernalia. The training premises are equipped with audiovisual equipment including projectors, white boards and comfortable sitting furniture.

Training methods

  • The lectures are highly intensive and strongly student centered. The training approach is largely interactive and participative and exposes participants to practical experiences of the work place environment. The students are encouraged to exchange views and ideas with the team leader playing the role of the Lecturer. Field visits and attachments are arranged where necessary in order to give hands-on experience and practical exposure to students. Concepts are therefore discussed in the context of the practical experience of the students, based on their interests and guided by well-structured course contents.


Our well- researched and coordinated methods of training include;

  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Case studies
  • Discussions
  • Field visit and trips.
  • Group work
  • Role playing
  • Practical experience
  • Self-scoring exercises
  • Experimental approaches
  • Action planning
  • Multimedia i.e. Slides, videos etc.

 General information

  • Application procedures:
  • Registration for the courses can be done either by:
  • Telephone calls and Filling in the application form and sending it by   post to our Address above, or by fax or e-mailing a complete form to   our e-mail address.
  • Enrolment Forms can also be collected physically at our offices which operate from 0800Hrs - 1800Hrs on weekdays or downloaded from our website grmti.co.za